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Calgary Alberta based, we are providing handmade goods to you and your neighbours.


We want you to feel good about your purchase, so we use natural fibers and fiber blends to provide fun and stylish items.


Come say HI at local markets, or find our items at local vendors. We would love to see you on our social too!

Colored Yarn
Cotton Branch


We love to use natural fibres to provide the best quality items to our customers. Cotton provides strong, easy to clean, fun colours for our critters. Kapok stuffing also give the critters a good squish factor while staying plant based . Wool and wool blends allow for feel good warmth in our accessories.

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We want everyone to enjoy the little things during their day to day life no matter has simple. To help accomplish this we put our crochet skills to work and made a variety of minimalist amigurumi and beanies that are designed to compliment a variety of personalities and styles! Something fun you, and anyone you want to share with, can enjoy. Customize colors to make the item unique to you or learn to make your own with our kits and patterns.

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We are Emm & Skootch, two sisters who have enjoyed crocheting together for 15+ years. We have had opportunities to try different techniques, patterns and materials narrowing down what we enjoy and want to share with all of you. Every project is designed and hand made by Emma and Erika (Skootch). Since establishing our ever growing venture Emm & Skootch in 2015 it is our hope that we can provide you with fun, unique critters all ages will enjoy and simple, practical yet fun wardrobe pieces.

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